Watershed Management


Streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal areas in Anchorage are susceptible to flooding that can threaten lives and damage property. The Municipality has close to 10,000 acres of floodplain and more than 3,500 individual parcels that are partially or entirely located within the floodplain.

Flood Hazard Permit

To minimize damage to structures during flood events and to enable residents to qualify for flood insurance, the Municipality of Anchorage requires a Flood Hazard Permit for all new construction in the floodplain. The Municipality also administers the national flood insurance program (NFIP) for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Contact the Municipal Flood Hazard Program (907) 343-8078 or (907) 343-8135 for further information and prior to undertaking any activity within the floodplain.

Flood Hazard Maps

Floodplain maps help identify flooding risk and who qualifies for flood insurance. FEMA publishes flood hazard maps showing Municipal areas prone to flooding that are regulated by FEMA. You can review floodplain maps in our map viewer, in the data library, or from FEMA’s online map service center.


Data Resources


FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates (click here to view files)


Letters of Map Amendments (LOMAs)

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